Investment in companies with a high potential for growth

The investment Sodiga targets are companies with high potential for growth that are managed by persons of recognized ability and are relevant to the development and consolidation of Galician industry and the Galician economy.

Venture Capital is a form of finance whereby companies for which access to other sources of finance to obtain médium- or long-term resources without the investor acquiring a permanent stake in the company. Financially, Venture Capital increase internal funds, boosts credibility and the confidence of external sources of finance. Therefore, it increases economic and financial stability. In terms of management, venture capital is accompanied by expert managerial advice,assistance in seeking further financial resources,assistance in internationalisation and others services.

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The investment Sodiga targets are companies 

» with high potential for growth
» managed by persons of recognized ability 
» relevant to the development and consolidation of Galician economy

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Chairman Mr Juan Manuel Cividanes Roger


» Instituto Galego de Promoción Económica, IGAPE
    Mr Javier Aguilera Navarro

» Torre de Hércules Participaciones Societarias, S.L.U.
    Mr Marcos Miguel Oubiña Moure

» Corporación Empresarial y Financiera de Galicia, S.L.U.
    Mr Marco Enrique Nieto Montero

» Sobrinos de José Pastor Inversiones, S.A.U.
    Mr Miguel Ángel Méndez Magán

» Mr. Manuel Antonio Varela Rey

Secretary Ms Belén Bálgoma Magdalena

The financial statements comprise the balance sheet, income statement, the statement of cash flows and other data which can obtain a true image of equity, financial position and results of the entity.

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